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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:02

Finally, a Little Relief on Drug Trends

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According to an article released by Optum, recent data shows Hepatitis C medications are positively contributing to specialty drug trend reductions and achieving lasting clinical results.

FDA approved medications for Hepatitis C, such as Sovaldi and Harvoni, started entering the market in 2013, and with great controversy. These medications have been effective, but at a huge cost. The initial price (which has since moderated) of a single course of a typical drug could run $85,000 – 95,000 in just three months.

These medications have contributed to a significant spike in specialty drug spending in the years since.  Another element of the controversy, according to PharmExec.com, is that the price for these same drugs was initially significantly less in other countries.


Recent data shows that this spending is beginning to moderate and bring downward specialty drug trend increases. This is very significant because, unlike treatments for other chronic diseases, these Hepatitis C drugs are actually achieving remission and thus are reducing the amount of people being treated for the disease.  


This is also significant because it brings to light the importance of balancing both medical and drug costs to manage overall spending and achieving clinical results. If the purchase of a very expensive prescription can prevent a liver transplant costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, plan sponsors are overall better off. 


Read the full article here.

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